The We-Met platform started in 2015 at the Institute of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases (I2MC – Inserm U1297) in Toulouse.

The aim of this platform has always been to provide the very latest innovative technologies and technical support in functional biochemistry. The platform provides 3 major axis of technologies : automated capillary Simple Western, biomarkers discovery and the study of cell metabolism by the Seahorse analyser.



Alexandre Lucas, PhD

Founder of the We-Met platform and a specialist in protein biochemistry. He
manages the facility and is responsible for various training courses and
developments in HERV detection.
He started in 2005 at Inserm (Paris) in cardiac signaling and then joined the I2MC in
2010. He then founded the platform in 2015



Corinne Bernis

Corinne is an assistant engineer specialised in protein biochemistry. She has been
involved in numerous cell signalling projects during 15 years as a research technician
(INSERM) in the team of A. Nègre-Salvayre (I2MC, Toulouse).
She joined the We-Met functional biochemistry platform at the end of 2019. Today, she is leader for the simple western part of the platform. She trains platform users on the technologies available on the platform for protein analysis and biomarker research and supports researchers in R&D projects.


Steven Fried, PhD

After completing a PhD in cellular biology and a post-doc in metabolism and
diabetes, he is currently working as an engineer on the We-Met facility in Toulouse.
His missions include the training and the support of research projects as well as
working with HERV proteins.

Research info


Margot Lemarinier

Assistant engineer in the We-Met technology platform with a master’s degree in biotechnology, is now focusing on Immunovirology of SARS-CoV-2.